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2024 CAMPS

Our Preps enjoy an evening of pizza and game time at the school.  This is students first step towards a 'camp' experience.

Our Year 1/2 students get to enjoy 2 days of fun activities.    This differs slightly from year to year, but usually includes a visit to local attractions like Benetook Farms, Park for Play, Ten Pin Bowling and Cinema Deakin.


Year 2 students get to stay overnight at the school and have a sleepover.

Ballarat camp 2022.png

Our Year 3/4 students in 2024 will have the opportunity to enjoy a 3 day/2 night camp to Sovereign Hill (Ballarat).   Students travel by bus and stay overnight at Sovereign Hill itself where they enjoy many of the attractions that they have onsite.

in 2024 our Year 5 students will be travelling to Camp Kookaburra (which is near Echuca) for a fun filled 3 day/2 night camp.

Student get to enjoy an outdoor camp full of activities like kayaking, rope climbing, high ropes courses, team building activities, night walks.

Our Year 6 students will travel to Roses Gap (in the Grampians) in 2024.   

Roses Gap is another outdoor camp where student are participating in team building exercises.

Roses Gap.png
Roses Gap
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