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Message from our Assistant Principal


It has been my privilege to hold the Assistant Principal role at The Lake Primary School since the beginning of 2017. Prior to this, I have taught at Hopetoun PS, Batchelor Area School (NT), Merbein West PS, Oenpelli Area School (NT) and Irymple PS.

At The Lake Primary School, we live by the motto ‘Every Student Matters, Every Moment Counts’. Our daily practice and decision-making is governed by the notion that students always come first. We value relationships, strive for quality, evidence-based instruction, differentiate learning for every child and have a strong reliance on collaborative work habits.

Lifting learning outcomes in Literacy and Numeracy has taken on a renewed focus at The Lake Primary School. Our Leading Teacher (Kerryn Rogerson) and Literacy Specialist (Jackie Walsh) and Maths Specialist (Mia Humphrey) support all teaching staff to implement ‘best practice’ based on proven, evidence-based strategies. We have a healthy blend of experienced and graduate teachers who display a powerful growth mindset and a strong determination to accelerate the learning of all children.

We value the overwhelming community support afforded to us and we constantly surge forward knowing all stakeholders (students, parents and teachers) are striving toward a common overarching goal – to provide all students with the best education possible.



Shaun McInerney

Assistant Principal

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