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Whole School Curriculum Plan

The Lake Primary School strives to ensure that every child realises their full potential through quality instruction and differentiated learning. We provide our students with the skills for lifelong learning and social development to become active and informed citizens. We aim to ensure that all students benefit from access to the power of mathematical reasoning and learn to apply their mathematical understanding creatively and efficiently. In English, we provide the children with opportunities to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills of communications through reading and viewing; writing; and speaking and listening. Integrated Humanities subjects provide a framework for the students to examine the processes that have shaped the modern world and to investigate responses to different challenges, including people’s interconnections with the environment.

The Victorian Curriculum content descriptions and associated achievement standards form the basis of our planning, monitoring, assessing and reporting on the learning achievement of every student. 

Specialist teaching in the areas of The Arts, Italian, Health & Physical Education and Science are provided.

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