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Literacy Intervention Program

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While many students learn to read at expected levels and rates of learning, some students do not make expected progress despite teaching that has assisted their peers. For these students to reach their potential, it is important that their individual learning needs in reading are identified and catered for within the school environment.

At The Lake School we have a strong commitment to support these students in our Literacy Intervention program. Identified students in Years One to Four receive powerful, intervention, that provides intensive, small-group instruction, which supplements classroom literacy teaching. Students are involved in fast paced systematically designed lessons to build their Literacy capacity.

 During a typical session, the students will:

  • Develop skills to settle and focus to be ready to learn

  • Develop Phonemic Awareness and explicit Phonics instruction

  • Participate in Guided Reading - a new text each session

  • Participate in Independent Reading- developing fluency on familiar texts

Students will engage in multiple chances to develop vocabulary and oral language.

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