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School Uniforms

Students are strongly encouraged to be in full school uniform on a daily basis.     Polo tops, jackets, hats and backpack (items with school logo) are available for purchase from the school office during office hours:

  • $30.00 Polos tops

  • $50.00 Jacket (2 different styles available)

  • $15.00 Bucket Hat

  • $15.00 Beanies (non compulsory)

  • $55.00 Backpacks (non compulsory)

  • $10.00 Library Reader Bags      



Students are also welcome to purchase a Sports polo top with their 'house' colours for $45 each.   Students are permitted to wear their sports polo tops on our whole school sports days and days that they have PE.

Parents are asked to purchase them online:

Simply order online and then the tops will be delivered to your child at school.

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