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Wellbeing Dog at The Lake PS

Daisy has had a positive start to her orientation here at school, we are taking our time with the process through ‘Dogs Connect’ as we want this program to be successful.


We have a core group of staff working with Daisy to help her settle in. Students have responded very well and are really responding to having a dog around the school.


There has been much excitement as well as students engaging in education on how to respond to Daisy.


Daisy will eventually have a timetable where she spends time in class rooms and will interact with students to help build connection, provide emotional support and improve health and wellness.

Click on the following links for further support:

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The Lake Primary School has a dedicated part-time (0.8) Wellbeing Co-ordinator who provides support for students, staff and families. The role also involves liaising with local agencies as required.

If you feel the need to contact Louise, please do so on:


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