15th May 2019

6.00 - 7.00pm

Open Learning Area

Physical Education

At The Lake Primary School, Physical Education is taught to all children for one scheduled hour per week, and focuses on developing students’ knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary for physical activity and a wide range of sports.

Each year, the School conducts a school Cross Country, Athletics Sports and a Swimming Carnival, as its three major sporting events. The children compete in house teams: Bromley (Blue), Russell (Green), Shillington (Red) and Dermett (Yellow) during these events. Our senior grades have the opportunity to showcase their skills and sportsmanship by participating in various School Sports Victoria events against other schools within Sunraysia.

Specialists Program

The Arts

At The Lake Primary School, The Arts is taught to all children for one scheduled hour a week by a specialist teacher. Throughout the year, each Year level focus on the main areas of: Music, Media Arts, Visual Arts, Dance and Drama.


Throughout The Arts specialist program, children enjoy exploring creative thoughts and ideas. They are taught important foundational skills and techniques in all areas. They are given opportunities to work and perform in groups and also to perform before audiences.


In our specialist Science program at The Lake PS we address four key areas within the field of science. These areas provide students with the opportunity to develop an insight and understanding of Biological, Earth, Chemical and Physical sciences.


Throughout the science program in Years 3-6, students will experience an engaging program that is designed in close alignment with the Victorian Curriculum and provides students with the opportunity to unlock and explore new understandings.

LOTE - Italian

Italian is taught to children in Years 1 and 2 for one scheduled hour per week. It focuses on introducing students to the Italian language and culture.

The Italian Specialist program provides children the ability to communicate in Italian using basic greetings and common phrases and vocabulary. Students learn about the location and society of Italy and they will make comparisons between their own language and the Italian language. Italian provides the opportunity for individual and group work with spoken language practice and project based work.