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We, as a School Community, hold a number of different fundraisers throughout the year.    During the 2023 School Year is was unanimously decided to disband our Parents & Community Group due to parents being too busy and unable to commit to meetings and running fundraisers.    Having said that, staff at the school were happy to continue running fundraisers with the occasional help from a families in the school.       Fundraising that was previously carried out under the P&C banner are now carried out under the School Council Fundraising Banner.    These include:

  • Easter raffles

  • Christmas raffles

  • Mother's and Father's Day stalls

  • Pie Drives

  • Chocolate Drives

  • Student lunches (Thursday's)

Each year the School Council put together a Major Fundraiser event.    These events vary from a 'parent-only evening (usually a trivia night, back to front draw or mystery dinner) to a Whole School Community Fete.      In 2024 we are holding a Bogan Bingo event on the School Grounds.   It should be a lot of fun.    Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for more information.    

Proceeds of fundraises moneys will always go back to our students.  In 2024 our fundraising efforts are set to go towards upgrading student furniture. 


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